Japan Erhu Promotion Association



Japan Erhu Promotion Association is Non-Profit Organization (NPO),

which supports the diffusion, development and exchange relevant to

Chinese fiddles, erhus.


Recently, in Japan the number of erhu lovers and amateur erhu players

is increasing rapidly.  Now there are many classrooms for studying erhu

in various regions in Japan.  We often hear music of erhu from TV, movies,

and stages.  The erhu music is now very popular in Japan and it seems that

erhu will infiltrate life of people of all ages as familiar musical instruments.


NPO Japan Erhu Promotion Association (JEPA) was established in 2005

by Chinese and Japanese professional erhu players and instructors with

amateur erhu players and erhu lovers.



1.  Engage in educational activities on erhu

2.  Provision of excellent environment for playing erhu

3.  Fostering of amateur erhu players and hothousing gifted children

4.  Enlightening the public about erhu

5.  Implementation of Erhu proficiency examination

6.  Establishment of an information network for erhu

7.  Host and back up concerts, study sessions for erhu.

8.  Doing erhu musical contest.

9.  Invite erhu players from China for studying and developing erhu.

10.  Offer the training ground in China for Japanese amateur erhu player